• May 15, 2023
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Advanced Technology : Understanding How Planetary Differences Transform Everyday Sounds

New insight into how everyday sounds will be distorted and unseen in humans’ hearing on different planets has been provided by a scientist called Timothy G. Leighton of Southampton University, United Kingdom. Leighton developed a software program to anticipate the possibility that human voices will change on distant planets. Furthermore, he has proposed using sound waves to search for extraterrestrial lifeforms that are surprisingly near the Earth.

Insights from Mars: Listening to the Red Planet’s Unique Acoustics

Leighton collected data from NASA’s MarsPerseverance rover for the purpose of supporting his findings. The mission had just given scientists a better chance to hear what another planet sounds like, which would be of great value for Leighton’s research. The speed and absorption of sounds were affected by the composition of the planet’s atmosphere, he found. Mars, for example, absorbs more sound than Earth because of its thin and carbon-rich atmosphere, which makes distant sounds fainter on the Red Planet.

Harnessing Soundwaves: A Promising Approach to Discovering Alien Life

As far as using acoustic sensors for space exploration is concerned, Leighton believes we’re just scratching the surface. In order to find alien life, he proposes that those sensors should play a role. As Europa, a frozen moon of Jupiter could be inhabited by extraterrestrial life in an enormous ocean below its ice exterior, scientists have been focusing their attention on it. But exploration beneath the ice is very complicated in terms of logistics. Leighton proposes a The alternative approach that uses sound waves that can travel over the ocean’s depths. And carry out research remotely without physically sending a probe.

It could have a significant impact on our ability to understand. And explore the universe if we had better knowledge of sound propagation throughout the Solar System. In exploring whether we are alone in the universe. It can also provide support to organizations such as SETI’s extraterrestrial intelligence research and efforts made by NASA and scientists all over the world.

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